Aaron Schwartz is a true South Florida native. He was born in Miami, and is still a Florida Resident. He’s been a location scout and Manager in South Florida’s film and television industry for over 20 years. It’s safe to say Aaron has seen most of Miami from more angles than just about anyone. Aaron’s very early work was dominated by detailed drawings of portraits and still life drawings along with abstract expressionist oil paintings. This new process of painting on photographs was first discovered in 2001 by Aaron while working with photographs and chemicals for a project in the TV commercial field.


       His medium can be best described as ink painting on Photography. This is not “Photoshopping”. He has mastered a groundbreaking technique combining Ink & sharpie markers, photographic prints, and chemical solvents that dissolve the photo emultion. What makes Aaron’s paintings so unique is not only the unorthodox use of materials, but the idea of what a photograph can become. Each photo is its own painting, but combined with other photos, he creates a masterpiece or “Mosaic”.  Some of Aaron’s earlier work using this technique are experimental abstract compositions that are dominated by strong colors and subtle textures.

These "Mosaic Paintings take weeks/Months to complete from conception to completion. Each photo can take hours to finish. See below a short video of this unique process.